probably one of the most important parts to keep you on the road

Standard fitment is 120/70 ZR17 58W front and 190/50/ZR17 73W

rim sizes are 17 x MT3.5 front and 17 x MT6.00


Bridgestone BT56J (the OEM tyres)

I have had 2 rears and 1 front. the rears lasted 2000 miles, the front 8000 miles

BT010 190 / 200

I have had 2 190's, (4000 miles and 2000 miles (puncture)) a 200 (5500 miles) and a front (1500 miles..returned due to abnormal wear)

Mitchellin Pilot Sport

I have had a front (12,500 miles) and a rear (4000 miles)

Michellin HPX

These are currently on the bike. The front has done 2500 miles and looks pretty good still, the rear has done 250 miles and as such looks scrubbed in 

Dunlop D207

I have had 1 rear tyre (3250 miles)

Avon Azaros

I havent tried these

Metzler MEZ3

Or these!!