Techtronics Quickshifter.

Allows full throttle clutchless upshifts. Comes with adjustable kill time, adjustable pressure sensing linkage.

Techtronics have not managed to figure out how to stop the FI light coming on when the kill is activated (that's not strictly correct...they wire in a switch to turn the light off altogether!!!)

The linkage can be bought seperately at 100+VAT

Then mate to a Dynospeed kill box and all is fine!!

That's the setup I am now running. As Pooh put it "it now shifts like an automatic"



More and more I see the price of these handheld devices coming down to a reasonable level. Most noted manufacturer is GARMIN, also Magellan. Useful for accurately recording top speed (to within 0.7mph) also good for route planning if the device supports this function.


Sigma cycle computer

Best available at the moment is the Sigma Sport Targa. This shows speed (either mph or mph) average speed, distance, trip, top speed, time. a hand little device, activated by a magnet that needs to be attached somewhere on the front wheel....so no wheel slip to contend with. If the correct conversion factor is inputted it is extremely accurate. The correction factor I use is 1167. This has proved to be 1mph out at 182mph...so not bad really I guess!!


Yellow Box

Produced my Blackbox Robotics in Australia, this handy little device is hard wired into the speedo circuitry. Using dip switches and a settings table provided, you can factor in an offset for the speedo. Handy if swapping sprockets to get an accurately reading speedometer. Will alter from -25% to +25% error.


Power Commander & Yosh EMS

Current fitment to the Hayabusa is the PCII. This alters the INCOMING signals to the ECM, fooling it into thinking that conditions are different and thus the ECM alters fuelling accordingly.

The PCIII and the Yosh EMS work on the OUTPUT side of the ECM, altering the Injector duration directly, so the ECM doesn't have to rehash data being changed by add on devices. It sees what is real.

Different modifications need setting up on a Dynamometer to ensure optimum performance. This can be tailored to specific riding styles (i.e. economy and mileage, or power or even having a selection of maps to select for each occasion...as per the EMS.

I MUST recommend the use of a DJ250 with Air / Fuel ratio meter, as this gained me approximately 20 rwbhp over downloaded maps and my own DynoBum. Having the A/F set correctly under load is the only sure way of accurately "mapping" a fuel injected bike.

Teka Fuel Injection remapping tool

Interesting little device courtesy of FactoryPro. Haven't had a chance to use / see it yet, but am trying to sort out a demo.

Carbon Fibre Air box

cf_airbox.jpg (26474 bytes)  I wish!!