To provide as much information pertaining to the GSX1300R and ZX12R as is humanely possible. All their quirks and endearing traits, and any info that can be used by owners to make their ownership, of the fastest production bikes in the world, a happy one!! 

I spend my days living, eating and sleeping Hayabusa's. If I can help one person by bringing to this place all the info I have managed to gleen then I am happy!! There are others that are as passionate about the ZX12R....



Updates will occur as often as I get any info and the time to add them!!

Any feedback is most welcome!


Thanks to...

I have to thank all the anonymous people who have posted pictures on the internet, that I have pinched...many thanks for saving me over a thousand words.


TANGRAM for telling me to stop thinking about it and just do it, original server space, setting up the first page while I fannied around being all excited and teaching me the rudiments of ftp. 


POOH for extensive question answering about MS Front Page 



Dynospeed Developments

BRAD, for some interesting information...more to follow I hope.


Thanks guys. Good to see you all have the fastest colour.