Cam Chain Tension Adjuster (2 recalls) now the oil damped unit. If the tensioner doesnt have an oil line going to it, you need it fitted ASAP.


Other Info

Service bulletins for....

  • fuel petcock filter
  • fuel pump filters
  • return line, routing and length

things to check yourself if capable

  • clutch spring bolt torque
  • suspension settings, especially the front forks being equal
  • front axle pinch bolts
  • seat bolts
  • clutch and brake lever pivot bolts and locking nuts
  • throttle body synchronisation
  • correct throttle cable adjustment
  • correct routing of crankcase breather
  • correct routing of main fuel feed to stop kinking
  • correct installation of return line to stop kinking
  • drive chain tension
  • remove both gear shift lever and rear brake lever and grease pivot shafts
  • all bearings for dryness, especially front wheel and head bearings
  • correct alignment of rear hump

just a short list.... obviously there are many more things to check, but just a few that I found to be incorrect on my brand new machine that had just had a PDI completed on it........