So, you want to know a little about the Egg??

31 years old, Research Officer, working for the  Engineering Group of NSRI at Silsoe College, Cranfield University


Cranfield University, faculty of Engineering, Science and Manufacturing where I gained a Doctorate of Engineering, part of which included the MBA programme

Cranfield University, Silsoe, where I gained a BSc Honours degree (2:1) in Agricultural Technology and Management

Cannington College where I gained a BTEC ND in Countryside Management

Wellington School, where I gained 2 A levels and numerous GCSE's, AO levels and the odd O level (I was in the cross over year between O levels and GCSE's)

Spare Time

Surprisingly enough I spend most of my spare time working on bikes or cars. If not then I can be found sat in front of my computer administering the websites and forums. Otherwise I am with Mrs Egg, planning our forthcoming wedding  


Lived and worked on farms most of my life, both arable and livestock....... including Pigs, Dairy and Beef herd, Sheep, and the occasional Horse.

Spent 1995-96 working in Australia for a Subsurface Drainage contractor AussieDrain.

I have an interest in anything challenging, having restored Classic cars, kept 3 classics on the road, maintained and modified bikes, modern cars, tractors, trenchers, computers, houses, the list goes on...I still haven't been able to try my hand at helicopters, I think they will be next.

Played rugby for 20 years, as prop, hooker and openside flanker.