Fuel line problems with alarms fitted under the tank


If you have a DATATOOL EVO alarm fitted under the fuel tank, then you need to take a close look at the main fuel feed line.

I have recently worked on two where the alarm is put up against the frame rail, and the wiring loom moved to go around the alarm.

When the tank is closed the wiring loom is in the way of the main fuel line as it wants to go down to sit in its preformed position, in a vertical plane. The hose gets stuck, and, from the petcock is twisted to sit in a horizontal plane. When the hose gets hot, it kinks, where the petcock spigot ends you will see a crease if this is the case.

There is an easy fix.....

Loosen the alarm mounting bolt, and rotate the alarm and bracket upwards, slide the wiring loom behind the alarm, lower the alarm and retighten the bolt. Now bend the sharp metal bracket downwards towards the sprocket cover, so that it holds the wiring loom in place. Ensure no wires are rubbing on the sharp metal edges, if they are either zip tie them to stop chaffing, or relocate them. Check that the fuel line now goes neatly to the rear of the alarm, and sits in its vertical plane.


job done. If the fuel line has kinked, you will need to remove about 1/2 inch of the pipe, so that the creased part sits on the petcock spigot...don't forget to put the 1/4 clockwise turn in the main line so that when the tank is lowered it sits right...